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Training and development: At Charis Uganda Safaris

We realized that there is need to equip and empower undergraduate students pursuing Degrees, Diploma and Certificate courses in Tourism and Hospitality Management with practical skills in Tour and Travel Management as well as International Ticketing, as a means of enriching the theoretical content acquired in their time of Course Study.


Our Trainings take the following format:

The mini-course runs in the period of three months.

  1. month 1: Customer care, office Management, Car hire , events management
  • What is customer care
  • What constitutes Customer care in the Tour and Travel industry
  • How to  operationalize and Manage a Tours’ and Travel Office
  1. month 2    Ticketing and travel
  • booking itineraries
  • purchasing and issuance of tickets
  • handling eventualities like cancelled delayed or rescheduled trips
  1. month 3. Tour   Management:
  • organizing tours i.e scheduling, booking accommodation sites, securing permits and licenses etc
  • Costing tours
  • marketing tours

In  so doing, we welcome partnerships with organizations willing and able to sponsor individual students or groups of them to undertake the above-named trainings with our organization. 

Our impact: 

We have so far offered training to a number Graduate student from YMCA Kampala, YMCA Jinja, Uganda Tourism Training Institute and IATA

We also had the opportunity of linking up Chinese students on Exchange Programmes in Uganda with Institutions in Uganda to learn spoken and written English, and African Art and Design.


 Student testimonials

Phiona Twijuke  (YMCA Kampala)

Special thanks to Gloria, for the educational experience I received while interning at Charis Uganda Safaris Limited for three months in 2014. I took with me a wealth of practical skills that I acquired from my training, you taught me Customer Service, marketing, organization, ability to listen, communication the list is endless for me. Throughout my experience at the company, I have been able to bridge my studies into real life and tourism industry experience; I actually opened a personal restaurant in Kibale.  I am internally grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you very much for your time and for showing confidence in my work. I am excited to move forward and will take everything I have learned into my all my endeavor. 

Pacific Mubalama

I would like to thank you for the invaluable experience I gained over the last three months in 2016. As a refugee, I was looking for someone who would impact me with hands on knowledge to chat my way into the job market, I knocked at the doors on many companies with no success, till a friend pointed me to Charis Uganda Safaris. You are a great company; I am walking away with many new skills: –  communication, product knowledge, problem-solving, interpersonal, negotiation skills in any field; which will help me in my future career.   I am especially grateful for having the opportunity to develop my marketable consciousness and perfect my analytical skills by preparing reports on a weekly basis. Working in such a positive and supportive team environment, inspired me to work with dedication and passion to achieve my goals If I can ever be of further assistance to the organization, please do not hesitate to contact me. I greatly value your kindness and the time you dedicated to mentor me. You and the entire team welcomed me and made me feel part of the team.


Joyceline Kyomugasho 2016 (MUK)

I want to express my deepest gratitude. Internship with your company has been a truly incredible experience, and I thank you for this excellent opportunity that has allowed me to learn, expand my skills, and revise my future career goals. I will succeed in my career because you personally took the time to teach me the practical as well as the people skills needed to increase my self-confidence, in the realm of marketing, customer care, streamlining processes is beneficial for the company and its clients, excellency in everything I do, writing reports and most importantly, the value of one-on-one communication. At the same time, there is sadness in the knowledge that I will miss you and all of the people who work for you. During my internship, you proactively took on the role as my mentor. I will remember your kindness and I will seek out opportunities to make others feel important and valued. Thank you for teaching me the most valuable skills of all.

Sincerely, Joseline

Doreen Patrician (YMCA Jinja)

To Charis Uganda Safaris, especially Gloria, thank you for giving me the opportunity to train as Travel consultant for three months I have gained valuable insight into the tourism industry during my three months’ internship. Because you gave me the opportunity to work in different areas, Front desk management, ticketing, tours, car hire, events management, Hotel reservation and interaction with the client. I truly feel each and every experience I had while working here will stay with me as I move through my career. Thank you for giving me such a great chance for learning that landed me a job   to work with Africa Expedition Safari, with ease, before my graduation from the campus. Thank you so much charis Uganda safaris for the teachings and also for grooming me to love my work more than money. Am grateful for words of encouragement.

Konde Martin (IATA)

My internship experience has been wonderful, Gloria, you played a great role in helping me to gain confidence as a professional in Charis Uganda Safaris from August 2017 to April 2018. During that time, I acquired practical skills in; Customer Care, Air Ticketing, Gloria, my trainer liked me to other organizations within the tour and travel industry in Uganda to learn Travel Guiding guide and Defensive Driving. My life has never been the same, since, then, I turned down a job opportunity in favour of opening my own- Oasis Safaris.  I highly recommend Charis Uganda Safaris to all interested students. You will be imparted with skills, and also acquire experiences that will change your life forever.  Martin.

Dear Ms Gloria ,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you taught me while working as your Travel and tourism intern Feb – May 2019. I learned far beyond the theoretical knowledge I gained in tourism school coursework.

I am thankful to the entire team for allowing me to work hands-on knowledge, allowing me to independently assist the clients, value of hard work and diligence, instilling a sense of professionalism in me, sharpening my communication skills, teaching me to be more focused and result-oriented, sharing your vast knowledge in the sphere of the industry, valuable business tips and much more

I greatly value your kindness and the expertise you imparted to me as my mentor, Thank you again for this invaluable opportunity. I know you were not supposed to go that extra mile just you help me, should you consider taking in staff for permanent employment, I would like to be first on the list.

Your faithfully

Aida Namono

Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Jinja

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